Our business

Solera Beverage Group is one of the largest beverage groups in the Nordics, specializing in imports of wine, spirits, beer and other alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.


Wine for every moment

Solera ‘s strength comes from working with producers in many of today’s most dynamic wine regions such as, Italy, Spain, Chile, Portugal, France and USA. We have wines for every occasion and wines for every dish.
Our portfolio also carries wines in every price segment from the easy drinking, every day options to powerful and complex Burgundies and juicy Californian Cabs.

Champagne for every moment

Sparkling wine is an experience that can make even the every day feel special and luxurious; sharing emotions and moments. Solera offers a diverse portfolio of sparkling wines from a variety of regions and countries: A sparkling wine  for every occasion!

Beer for every moment

The beer category in the Nordics is following the international success and rejuvenation that this segment is enjoying.
Beer is about sharing the moments and experiences that make life beautiful, allowing us to appreciate them to the fullest,
Solera provides you with a beer for every occasion.

Soft drinks for every moment

Within the soft drinks segment, we offer a wide range of exciting, refreshing products and flavors. As innovators in this dynamic segment, we have created a range of sugar free soft drinks with the added benefits of vitamins.
We provide soft drinks and beverages for all occasions; from a childrens party, family gatherings, to a barbeque in the park with friends.

Health - and sportsdrinks for every moment

Health is becoming increasingly important and functional beverages are advancing. Trends from other markets are being quickly absorbed due to continental habits, and consumers get a wider assortment. We offer drinks for exercise, rest and recovery, and for a healthy lifestyle.



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